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We combine strategy, creativity and the latest technology to enable your business to do great things.

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The Digit team are approachable and accessible, and I have found myself fully supported, even against the odds, the team have gone above and beyond to help us achieve work within extremely tight deadlines in order to help us achieve key business aims.
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    Our goal: Delivering value, creating impact!

    With expertise spanning branding, print, UI, digital, and campaign creative, our team breathes life into ideas that not only exhibit aesthetic beauty but also inspire a personal connection with your audience.


    To help you reach your vision, we begin by helping you define it.

    From in-depth user research and collaborative UX workshops to meticulous site architecture and prototype development, we craft seamless and engaging solutions to your problems.

    Our expertise in digital product strategy and service design ensures a holistic and user-centric approach, positioning your brand for success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


    Solving complex problems through technical excellence.

    At the forefront of innovation, we immerse ourselves in understanding your organisation, addressing challenges, and helping you realise your full potential. We guide you in building the right products and platforms that not only meet but exceed the expectations of your customers.

    Leveraging the latest in digital advancements, we tailor our approach to fit your unique needs, ensuring seamless integration and transformative outcomes. From cloud services to data analytics to bespoke learning management systems.


    Building a sustainable and accessible component library

    In the realm of front-end web development, creating accessible and user-friendly interfaces is crucial.


    Digit joins UKIHMA

    A national trade organisation that promotes the best of UK healthcare expertise to offer international clients integrated solutions from its membership.

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    Our Client Promise

    These are the promises we bring to the table, and what we expect in return...

    Our expertise helps you deliver healthier outcomes, do better business and build stronger relationships with customers and patients.